Wednesday, January 28, 2015

L & EM- Week 4

These two. This week has been pretty laid back but these two have been funnier than ever. The fighting has begun. If Emersyn has it Leighton wants it and if Leighton has it Emersyn needs it. I die, really. Like how do parents not go bald from pulling their hair out on a daily basis? I am just going to embrace this little stage of life that will probably last the next 16-100 years. Em likes to be silly now, especially if it makes Leighton laugh. When i told them to sit by each other this is where they landed. The moment didn't last long so this is all i got. Leighton too tired to look at me and Em trying to strangle peaches (our miniature cat). 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bright and Cheery

Dreaming of warm weather over here! Really i should not even say this because winter has been good to us, but these short days are giving me some winter blues. I feel a serious need for the sun to stay out until about 9 at night. That won't be happening for quite awhile though. I see a good spray tan in my near future and maybe taking the girls to the pool one day this week. Sunny days will come eventually and until then I am just going to be doing all i can to stay bright and cheery over here. You'll know I've gone too far if i post a bikini pic anytime soon. 

Do any of you suffer from winter blues? What keeps you going when you start feeling the lack of vitamin D in your life?

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Freshly Picked Review

If you follow regularly then you already know my love for moccasins. Have you seen my insta? If not go follow it. If yes, then your probably quite annoyed by all my hashtagging which usually includes #freshlypicked Why? Because these are truly the most amazing baby/toddler shoes ever! 

When i first had Leighton she was a shoeless infant for wayyy too long. Baby shoes were all way too fat for her feet and fell off constantly. I remember when she was about 4 months old going to a friends graduation and her mother asking where her shoes were. Seriously? I was a little embarrassed and i didn't want to spend a minimum of $20 on something that would probably get lost. When Leighton was close to the 1 year mark we finally started investing in her little feet. We bought Toms like crazy and loved them because they were comfy, and for some reason fit her foot pretty well. So lots and lots of money into Toms later we discovered Freshly Picked. 

(lets take a moment to reminisce on little Leighton, she has grown out of both these outfits already.)

I was an insta follower prior to Shark Tank (they were on the show) and wasn't sure i could spend the money. We happened upon a trunk show in Costa Mesa and I couldn't pass it up. Over an hour of waiting, and i excitedly got to meet Susan and her team and snatch up a sweet pair of blush pink moccs. That was almost a year ago and guess what? Leighton is still wearing those same moccs. That was the best $45 dollars i have ever spent on her adorable little feet. (usually $60) She has worn them everywhere. Out to play, to the park, to disneyland. Leighton now has 2 pairs steal and blush and 9 out of 10 times when i ask her to put her shoes on she grabs a pair of moccs. 

The obsession doesn't end there though, my sweet Emersyn has the tiniest feet ever so clearly i had a bit of a shoe problem with her too. Luckily i knew exactly what to spend my money on this time. Em has worn the same 3 pairs of moccs for the past year as well. 

When i hosted a giveaway for Freshly Picked a couple months ago Em received this beautiful pair of Oui Oui moccs to review. Seriously! Look at these things. Gold and sparkly and perfect. They seem to be a little thinner than the metallic leather and suede moccs but they are holding up great still. I keep these as Sunday moccs or for nicer outings and her older moccs for all the days in between. 

Besides these little shoes being adorable and lasting forever what else do i love about them? They fit my girls feet, even when a little too big. (Great for fast growers.) They never fall off. We have never ever lost a mocc and i can not say that about other shoes. I don't have to worry about pairing socks with them, lacing them up, or pushing their feet in. They slip right on and tighten around the ankle with elastic. And they clean sooo easily, seriously i just use a baby wipe and wipe them off and voila they are all shiny again.

Are you sold yet? Probably should be. Check them out.

or here

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

L & EM- Week 3

The girls and I went on a quick trip to Salt Lake this weekend to visit friends and family. We went with  my mom and sister Hannah. When we first got on the road Leighton could't quit asking if we were going on an adventure. She was so excited and for some reason figured if we were with Grandma, of course that meant we were on our way to open presents. The old Christmas tree still up in our hotel lobby only furthered her belief that there must be presents near by. Well two nights in a hotel with out presents mean she was over it pretty quickly and tried everything she could to  escape. Of course Emersyn stood right by her side and cheered her on. It is kinda of scary how close my two year old came to breaking out of the hotel room. Sometimes i really do think she is way to smart for her own good. The entire trip went really well. We all loved spending time together and the girls were so fun. Both of them were full of energy but that just meant extra smile all around. Both girls were also pretty perfect in the car. I couldn't believe it, neither of them cried, just played and slept.

These girls are so special. I love our days together. Leighton and Emersyn have been playing so well and i love watching them. What a blessing it is to stay home with them everyday. Sometimes i feel bored or question why it is so important, but it really is. Last week i asked Kaden how he felt about me staying home. Sometimes i feel like i am not doing enough and he said, "Don't you feel like staying home is the best way to raise the girls, i feel like it is the best thing you could be doing." I don't know why that surprised me but I guess the reassuring words are exactly what i needed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Yummy Snack

If you don't already know, i grew up in Southern California. We loved visiting local beaches and still go back to the same ones every year. One of my favorite wandering places was always Balboa Island. My mom would take us across the ferry and to the little island, where we would wander around looking through shops and eat frozen chocolate covered bananas. There are few snacks that sound as good to me as that one does. So here is my version.

Because i wanted this snack to have more purpose than fulfilling my need for nostalgic moments, I added some peanut butter, and used only organic ingredients. 

This is sooo simple it is almost stupid. Be aware it is a little messy though. 

What you need

- sliced up bananas 
- equal parts, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter
- microwave safe bowl
- freezer paper
- forks

Start melting the chocolate chips. I microwave them for 30 seconds at a time and stir them in between. When they begin to melt i add the peanut butter and continue until it is liquid like. 

I usually slice the bananas while melting the chocolate. 

Once the chocolate mixture is melted dip bananas into the mixture. This is done by placing the bananas on a fork and dipping them into the mix. The fork works as a strainer to allow extra chocolate to drip back into the bowl. Then place covered bananas onto the freezer paper. Once all bananas are covered place them in the freezer until frozen. 

 Sorry i don't have a final picture. We ate them before i remembered to take one. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Keep Moving

What a day to be celebrated. I honestly had forgotten that today was a holiday. It happens when you work for yourself and are no longer in school. But really, when i remembered i had to reflect. What a man Martin Luther King was. He stood up for what he believed in and never backed down. Change came and who knows how quickly that would have happened with out him. Clearly he was meant for his time and called of God to do what he did. It is no wonder he is honored with a day of his own.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dressing for A New Year

Dressing up is so much fun, but it rarely happens for me. If i am being honest, i have a closet full of beautiful things and i am almost always in a tee and yoga pants. Yes i am that girl. The white girl with two girls in tow and a starbucks cup in hand. It happens. On the off chance i am wearing real clothes though, i am dressed well and i feel great for it. Sooo with this new year i want to blog more about what i wear, how to dress, and why. Here it goes. 2015's first fashion like post. Dressing for The New Year. 

top- gap, necklace- banana republic, shoes- banana republic

This look is perfect for a day you don't feel like getting too fancy. It would be so comfy paired with a nice pair of denim or sparkly leggings. The blouse has wide sleeves which are surprisingly very flattering. The necklace adds a little sparkle and these adorable pumps have just enough texture to them.  Perfect for a dressy beginner or date night out.