Monday, September 29, 2014


We had a big Saturday planned this past weekend of pumpkin picking until a nasty rain storm got in our way. Last night i stayed up pinning all of the festive things i hope we will be able to do. Here is the list i came up with and can't wait to start checking off.

paint rocks with leighton// pick pumpkins// decorate the front entryway// go apple picking// make an apple pie// bake a pumpkin pie// drink pumpkin chai lattes// mail sarah a fall package// make a leaf garland// go to disneyland// throw a monster bash// make monster jars// bake apple chips// hike the canyon trail// make spider donuts// take family pictures// make a thankful tree// spend time with family//

A week ago we took a big day trip out to Capitol Reef and the high light of our day besides the beautiful drive was picking apples. It was our first time out there and it was so fun seeing the beautiful little town and pretty Utah red cliffs. We brought 10 pounds of apples home so guess what i will be doing this week. Canning anything apple i can think of. Apple picking, check!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

MMM- Happier

This past week i had some crazy strong feelings come on that made me want to crawl into my bed and never leave. I don't know why. I thought i was past my ppd, past being upset with myself, past focusing on things or people that bring me down. I guess i was naive to think that feelings like that are just gone. When i noticed that these depressing thoughts were taking over i knew i had to turn to the things that lift me up. I felt so pessimistic and wanted to get out of it. The few things that help, spending time with Kaden, getting out of the house, running, working out in general, laughing, being with friends and people who are optimistic. I came across this quote and this is what i want to be all of the time. I want to be the person that people leave feeling happier than before. So this really is my goal as of now. Wouldn't we all be better lovers, parents, friends and just people if this is what we strived for?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Day of Fall

Last week i sat down and wrote out a fall list. Everything i hope we can accomplish and do together as a family during the last beautiful season of the year. (I am not looking forward to winter) Yesterday we celebrated the first official day of autumn we played with friends and visited the cutest little local farm.  

 We love supporting local business and especially local farmers! We might be crazy but Kaden and i have had a strong belief that eating organic is best and if you can support your neighbors while doing it then why not? This little barn shop was the best and to make it even sweeter, it is ran by the honor system. It is nice to know there are still honest trusting people in the world.

 This was our first visit to the actual farm and it was absolutely adorable. Just a small two acre farm but still so much to see. Its amazing how much can grow on just a couple of acres.

 It is also amazing to see how the girls interact with nature. I love it! Being outside makes them so genuinely happy, its inspiring. This is a new family favorite and I am sure we will be back soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

MMM- Don't Stop

With all of the projects i take on sometimes i feel like things don't turn out exactly how i want them to. I really tend to strive for perfection and often fall short, like very short. I laugh about how off i can get and then try again. I saw this on pinterest and thought it fit my current thoughts so well. Instead of feeling like I'm not reaching perfection i can just keep at it until i am proud of the work I'm doing. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Luke and Sierra's Wedding

August was the month of weddings for us. One week Luke and Sierra were married and had a reception taking up an entire weekend. The next week Gold Confetti created its first wedding ever. Then the following week Luke and Sierra had an open house in Logandale. So of course part of my reason for not blogging much during the month of August is due to sooo many weddings. Luke (Kaden's brother) and Sierra (now sister inlaw) have been dating for over a year now and we all knew from day one that Sierra was the one. All any of us wanted for Luke was for him to find someone that made him happy, that got him to talk, would fit in with the family and would want to be a part of the family. Luke is the baby and the last to get married so needless to say every date he ever went on he heard way more opinions than he ever wanted to. The poor girls that dated him didn't stand much of a chance against 3 sister in laws like us. That is until Sierra came along. She surprised all of us and we love her for it. No one has ever made Luke open up the way she has and just looking at the two of them you know they are in love. Like really really in love. We are so happy for both of them and so excited to have Sierra in the family. The wedding was beautiful. The temple was so special and both receptions were a lot of fun. Leighton loved dressing up with her cousins and seeing "princess sierra". 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

MMM- Love What You Do

So i kind of have three jobs right now. I probably have said that before. I work for a hospice company, babysit the cutest little girl and of course just launched Gold Confetti. The other day Shae and I were talking about our hopes and dreams for Gold Confetti and the way we view it and how much of our hearts we have already poured into it. We both came to the conclusion that although we have the biggest dreams and want it to be this huge beautiful company we want it to always be something we do because we love it. There is a reason neither of us wants to go work for anyone else and would rather start our own business. I personally love the feeling of being in charge, of knowing i put all of my effort into something and seeing it turn out well. I love the satisfaction i get from being organized, helping someone, being a mentor and working with my hands. Gold Confetti allows me to do that and for that I love it. It is just barely up and running and honestly my 10 month old probably is moving faster than it has so far but I love it and that is all that matters. I love what i do. I hope you love what you do too.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our Summer in Review- July

I meant to post a July in review and then all of the sudden August was over too so I have the past two months to put up. They were busy months too. I still can't believe summer is over. There was a lot i was hoping to accomplish that i didn't but there is even more that i did. Remember this post with all of the things i wanted to do this summer. Well we did quite a few of them.  We went to the zoo, ran through sprinklers, ran with the sunset, went to the cabin and spent lots of time together as a family. Leighton might not know how to swim still and the only tan i got came from a bottle but we sure did have a lot of fun soaking up every bit of summer that we could.

watching mom work and picking "powers"

smiles and bums at the park

sleeping babes


4th of July

Pioneer Day

Family trip to Salt Lake

Lots and lots of swimming

Best Sisters Ever!